Welcome to The Main Beam

March 2023

The Main Beam is where the Harvest Score team brings you news, hunting and outdoor related content, stories, experiences, advice, reviews, perspectives, and lessons learned. All outdoorsmen are welcome on the Harvest Score platform regardless of hunting style, experience, accomplishments, or goals. There is value for all hunters in saving your history and building collections. We mean it!


  • Occasional participant who dabbles when encouraged by friends and family,
  • And you weekend warrior driving all night Friday, hitting the field hard Saturday and Sunday,
  • And you mountain slayer who can hike 20 miles into the backcountry solo,
  • And you road cruiser who manages to harvest a whopper Whitetail annually simply by spotting the deer from your truck running off the mountain that our mountain slayer kicked down,
  • And you meat hunter who drops the the first deer that comes into your sights because you can taste the tenderloins on your tongue from 70 yards away,
  • And you trophy hunter who passes on antlered game by the dozens that may take most of us a lifetime to harvest,
  • And you do it yourself (DIY) hunters,
  • And you guided hunters,
  • And you private land hunters,
  • And you public land hunters,
  • And you high fenced hunters,
  • And you traditional archery-only hunters,
  • And you warp speed compound bow hunters,
  • And you crossbow hunters,
  • And you muzzleloader hunters (yes even you with the modern-age 500-yard capable muzzleloader),
  • And you shotgun hunters,
  • And you rifle hunters (30-30 lever action hunters and the 300prc 1000-yard hunters),
  • And you hunters who put your wife in for a tag for the past 7 years that she has now drawn and now you’re trying to convince her to go on this hunt of a lifetime,
  • And everybody in between


The way we see it, if you support and/or practice hunting legally, responsibly, and ethically, then you are one of us! We as hunters from all walks of life need to stick together and encourage the growth of our sport. With the power of numbers and encouraging our youth to join the longstanding pastime of hunting and fishing, it is our path to sustainability and meaningful conservation. We need to adapt to changing times from technology to environmental conditions, to rules and regulations.‍

Join the Harvest Score Family and share content with friends and family, and go take someone outside on an adventure, hunting related or not. Start capturing your Harvests and building your legacy now.  

Stay tuned to The Main Beam as we have some exciting posts coming soon. We will get rolling with some educational pieces on how to best utilize Harvest Score, and some eye-opening accounts of experienced outdoorsmen in the field who needed a reminder of “It's Better To Just Be Prepared”.

The Harvest Score Team